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  1. Very good thought and it hit home with me. I can relate to all your points given! Naturally I feel inward and it’s a constant battle to leave my comfort zone. I love the Lord and enjoy serving Him! Prayers appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Ministry from brokenness is such a gift from the Lord! Thank you for pointing out all the wonderful benefits of trusting our Father to do hard things thru us. I was encouraged by your blog today to get back on my knees and to trust the Lord to be my Leader in this trying time. Blessings to you!

  3. Very good blog! I am unsure of how I even became subscribed to you…I have no idea, but I am glad that I clicked the email today! His strength is made perfect in our weakness and I definitely understand this more by reading your blog. God is glorified, most through our weaknesses. I normally sulk and become even more introverted in my times of weakness and wonder when I will see better days, but this blog opened my eyes to the priveledge of being weak and not being able. Culture demands that we always operate at 100% but more often than not we are not operating at full strength. The Lord is our source of strength and I hope to look to this blog and His word to remember this very truth! God bless you and keep the blogs coming!!

    1. Amen! So true about the sulking and wondering when it will get better! We need to keep our eyes on Him and remind ourselves of that!

  4. Hooooboy, you hit the nail on the ol’ head!!! You & I are soul sisters, Kari, from the neighbors to the praying and the weak/strong bargaining! God is working on each of us; may we do it all to His glory!

  5. Oh, Kari, can we be BFFs? 🙂 It’s like you’re in my thoughts and say what I’m not even sure of, but seeing it in print, I know you’re dialed in. Yep, just looking for ways to serve that appeal to my strengths so I won’t mess it up and make God look bad! Or worse, mess up other people so they don’t want God at all! But you are 100% correct: the times I’ve been vulnerable and totally dependent on God, He totally steps in and somehow, the ministry/service works. Thank you so much for your blog and keeping me accountable!

    1. LOL! So true that when we are completely dependent on God, He always shows up (though for me it never seems to get easier entering into each situation)!

  6. Yes, yes, yes! In fact, I had someone say to me on Monday that when we are serving in something that isn’t our gifting, perhaps God just doesn’t want us doing that. It struck me as wrong thinking, but I couldn’t put it together at the time. But you just hit the nail on the head. Sometimes, we are called to serve outside our giftings, in our weaknesses, in ways that don’t come naturally to us. I always want to fuss at God and say “but that’s not what I want to do!”, but he is working on my heart, bringing me to a place where I can say “Here I am, Lord, use me.”

  7. Kari,
    This post is so perfect for where I am right now. I enjoyed your other blog, but this direction you have taken has really encouraged me. I have been a pastor’s wife for 29 years. I have a Bible degree, but I haven’t really dug deep in doctrine until you encouraged me. I have a few books sitting here that I need to get into, but you prodded. I also started a new job as an assistant chaplain at a care center. I love, love love the job. It fits me so perfectly. I love caring for people, talking about Jesus and doing music, and I get to do all of these things. However, talking about Jesus with unbelievers is not as easy for me. I could spend my whole day visiting with these sweet Godly women who live there, but I know that there is a bigger purpose for me being there. I need to share Christ with those that don’t know Christ. That is outside my comfort zone. I love them, and I want to share Christ, but it is harder for me. I have to go through each day asking God to provide opportunities and help me to see them; give me the words to say, and the love in which to say it. Thank you for sharing your heart! It has greatly encouraged me.

  8. I’m so glad I clicked through your email to read this today. I appreciate the focus you put on prayer in all these things. It’s so difficult to navigate when we really should say yes to things we don’t feel like doing (or feel qualified to do) and when we should say no and accept that God can use our no to enable someone else to serve him in that capacity. We need to be constantly in prayer and relying on his power to work through us regardless of whether we FEEL capable or overwhelmed. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  9. Thank you for being transparent. You are NOT alone out there. Pride wants to put us where we are comfortable and self sufficient. But God can work in such mighty ways when we bend to His will and direction-not our own. I have seen it over and over in my own life and still after 60 some years I have to die to Christ daily. I am encouraged though every time I see Him move. It’s awesome!

  10. Thank you for such a humble, open & honest post. Ditto that you are not alone per Christy. As an introvert . . . and life in general, I didn’t think I had any pride left, but a bible study called Fatal Distractions showed me differently. Heavy sigh. Please keep the posts coming!

  11. Thank you Kari for writing this, thank you Jesus for putting it on Kari’s heart to share this with us. I live in an unbelieving family and I’m desperate to show them the love of God but have no idea where to start and since I’m human I’m flawed and sometimes make mistakes and don’t always honour God by acting and reacting with anger to things that happen in our home. On my knees is where I’m going to start. Thank yo u and bless you for sharing your experience.

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