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  1. I love your posts. I wish I lived where I could actually get together with you. I need some accountability in my life and I’m struggling to find it. So, taking into account that I have an 11 yr old and a 6 yr old and we homeschool, and I have a strange love-hate relationship with sleep…. things usually get started somewhere between 7 and 730 am. If I’m doing good, before the boys get up, if I’m not, when the boys get up.
    1. up, hygiene, make bed, get dressed, start coffee (about 10 minutes)
    2. Pour coffee, get food, and bible (and getting everyone else fed and dressed and brushed)
    3. Deal with clean dishes, daily card review and clean off the table for school
    4. School time (9 am start time)
    And now we are to lunch time.

    1. That sounds a lot like my days when I was homeschooling that age. I always tried to start actual school at 9. What is your daily card?

      1. small post it on my weekly dashboard that has my top 3 items for the day. Usually its 1. school, 2 paid work, and 3. (something else). I learned this and the dashboard from Mystie Winkler at

          1. Well, I tried to paste a screenshot of the front of my dashboard, but it won’t paste. Its a one page layout that keeps me organized for the week. I’ve got a spot for my regular sized post it for my daily card, plus my week’s top 3. Then I have a box for each day to note activities or major to dos. I keep a running list in my google tasks. I’ve got a spot for notes. I have a nice dinner plan scheduler on the back, but I usually forget to look on the back, dinner plans go in the box for each day. I keep it on a clip board with a few other pages. This one page keeps me organized. I did use a bujo for a while but drawing out the pages was too much for me and I didn’t like the just-a-list.

  2. I love and appreciate your posts, too, Kari! I enjoy reading what your life has been like post-homeschooling. I’ll be in that stage before I know it, although I have a few years left, with one having graduated, a high school senior, and a 7th grader this year.
    My morning routine starts at 6:30 with a shower.
    Then Bible time and a cup of coffee.
    After that, start laundry, catch up on grading I didn’t do the previous day, eat breakfast.
    Start school around 9:30 and work until lunchtime.

    1. Wow, you’re real close to being done too! Hopefully that 7th grader will be a blessing like mine was. He enjoyed school and it made for a fun final few years of homeschooling. I totally hear you on “catch up on grading” ugh. That was the worst part of homeschool for me!

  3. I work as a substitute teacher, not every day but 3-4 days a week. My routine stays the same most days whether or not I’m heading out the door.

    5:00 ~ up n at ’em Madame: make bed, brush teeth, turn it n OnePlace to listen to John MacArthur then: get coffee water going in microwave, put away clean dishes, mix up cappuccino & have a good slug, pack lunch & breakfast (I fast til around 9-9:30), fill water bottle, take morning vitamins, feed kitten
    5:15-ish ~ hair, face, dress
    5:45-ish ~ open curtains, water plants (on Wed)
    5:55 ~ open curtains & sit down at desk in living room; turn on YouTube to a crackling fireplace video, convince kitten that my pen or bookmark is NOT with playing with (!!), check planner calendar (make sure I have the afternoon return trip & supper noted), jot priorities in my planner “sub @ ____ [school], double check which school I’m at today & make sure my departure time is in mind !!!
    6am ~ pray, start with my morning quiet time (devotionals, Bible reading, prayer), a reminder pops up at 6:55 with my daily rotation book (I have a different extra book each day or a M/W/F or T/The rotation–set in an alarm on my phone; those books are stacked next to my other ones).
    also trying to get in the habit of sending my mom and daughter a daily picture (I’ve taken) with a Bible verse –they both struggle with anxiety & I’m the encourager, so I usually use a verse from my morning reading, …. it’s fun!!!
    7am ~ check in with my hub (he’s paralyzed, so I bring him a glass of juice & half-banana to take his vitamins), any reminders for our “after school” (when I get home) plans for the afternoon or evening, hug & kiss ….
    7:15-7:30 ~ out the door

    Weekends are a bit looser. Summer, too.

  4. You all are amazing! I am in a different season of life. I am retired. I have lots of physical limitations ( immune deficiency, lung issues, back issues, knee arthritis, memory challenges) so I find my self in a new normal.
    8:00 alarm – clean cpap, make bed, let dogs out, turn on Christian radio, bathroom, pet dogs, feed dogs, hygiene, breathing treatments and chai latte while I read a couple chapters from the Bible and then read email. Love listening to Alistair Begg 1/2 hour teaching on Truth for Life.
    9:30 or so breakfast with my husband and we discuss the menu for today/week. Also our plans for the day.
    10:00 back upstairs to get dressed and write 3 pages and exercise bike 3 days a week – 7-9 miles in 26 minutes including warmup and cool down
    11:00 downstairs for water and a shower then dress for the day
    11:30-12:00 morning routine done on exercise days / 10:30 non exercise days
    Write goals during breakfast time and leave them on table, check off as I complete them over the next few days

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