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  1. This is very helpful way of ensuring you have what you need on hand. Do you have a blog or suggestions on how to keep grains and flour fresh until use. Our prices are going up what seems every day. If I purchase a small bag of flour it may not last too long or I may not find it again when I need it. I’m thinking of purchasing a bigger bag for our family but I don’t want it to go to waste.
    Thank you for any suggestions/ideas.

    1. I think it actually takes years for flour to go rancid (depending on storage conditions) If it’s in a cool dark place, it lasts well over a year at least. Grains last much longer. If you put them in half gallon glass jars with an oxygen absorber, they last for years and years.

  2. I do something like this, though I think I need to revamp as I’m avoiding my current system. That is a clue to me that’s time to change things up a bit. I’ve been thinking a list like this might work better for me right now.

    I buy rice by the 50lb and flour by the 25lb. I split it all up into lift-able containers within a few days of bringing the bags home. There are only 4 of us, 2 adults and 2 growing boys, but we go through all this fast enough that I’ve not had any of it go bad or stale on me. These are sealable (food storage sorts). When these finally wear out, I want to get some of those food grade buckets that seal really well, but I’m tightwad enough I want to wear out what I’ve got before I buy new things!

    1. And today, we found ramen noodles have shot up! They were $0.17 a packet 10 years ago. They have been $0.20 a packet for several years now. Today, we spent $0.38 and $0.28 per packet at two different stores on ramen noodles. That is a 90% and 40% increase! Inflation is hitting hard! Yes, we eat a lot of ramen, 2 of my people eat a bowl for breakfast. Very Chinese of us 🙂 Yes, both Hubby and I lived in China for a few years many years ago….

      1. I’ve been watching ramen too, and it’s going up here also, and sometimes it’s almost cleared out! Ramen on a cold, rainy day is so yummy!

  3. finally got my household inventory revamped to a single page, kinda like yours! The past month has been rough as we keep running out of stuff we use regularly but I can’t just stock up on… like milk. So, going to give this a go and see if the single page is less overwhelming. Glad for digital storage, I can keep my other system saved so I can go back to it when I’m ready or I need to!

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