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  1. Wow this is soooo great, Kari! Love how you differentiated all the ways of being available and surrendered! I’m in a busy season with littles, but I’ve realized that part of growing in maturity is NOT resenting all their needs and leaning into this season of discipleship (both mine and the kiddos!)

    1. Yes! So true! The resentment and neediness can be wearing, but so good to think of it as discipleship! Praying you endure and work heartily at the tasks (and blessings) He has given you!

  2. Love (!) #5 – be available schedule-ly. Sounds like we’re two peas in a pod, Kari . . . as I see things pop up at church and “oooh! oooh! me! pick me!” and I slap it on me ol’ calendar without a thought of how that will stack up over the course of a week. It comes down to priorities (which I’ve already established) and responsibilities. Good to review my yearly & quarterly goals. Stay focused. 🙂 And there will be unplanned “good things” that pop up, that may not fit into my priorities or goals, and that’s okay, but I need to check my calendar (and with my hubby) first.

    1. Yes! LOL “Pick Me” syndrome! Sounds like you are moving along on a great system! I have put my goals up on the wall right next to my desk so I can read and review often because otherwise, I forget about them and jump into the next exciting thing that pops up!

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