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  1. We did a similar idea last year and for the same reasons. I have 8 kids and didn’t want to buy 8 different papers, so I wrote numbers instead of names on the wrapped packages. On a separate piece of paper I wrote their names and which “numbers” were theirs and called out names/numbers on Christmas Day. It worked well and we will do it again this year!

  2. When my now 10 year old was a toddler, I chose to not put out gifts until after he was asleep on Christmas Eve. I couldn’t trust myself to pay enough attention to keep him out the gifts, and he turned out to the child who didn’t have enough impulse control to stop himself when he was older. So, this is normal now! Luckily, neither Hubby or 10 year old have good perception checks so hiding things has been easy. My 5 year is better at noticing things, so I’m having to level up my “hide things” skill. I’ve thought about the different paper idea, but that means I have to plan ahead with paper in way I’m not any good at!

  3. This is great, it’s my husband who is the naughty guesser! His mother even told me that, one year when he was little, she caught him unwrap a gift ever so carefully, then retape it so no one would know. 😀

  4. Sometimes I color code my kids by the paper. Other times I do it by the ribbon. But this has worked well for us too. I was a naughty guesser when I was a kid, so it comes naturally for them, I suppose. 🙂

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