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  1. Gosh, wish we could grow potatoes all summer! But I can’t complain… we can grow things nearly year round. Truly year round in some years. When I’m back to gardening, I need to get a spring scale like that. Love it!

    I am totally nailing my Schole Sister’s 5×5 list. 5 more books to finish and its done! And 3 of those are book group books, so they are on a schedule, and 1 is a read aloud to my boys. Feels great as I didn’t read 25 books in 2020 or 2021. I feel like I’ve got my mojo back.

    Last spring I had 4 books I needed to have bits read at certain times and I used a blank amblesideonline reading schedule to set up each week’s readings. It worked well for those few months when I had several schedules to keep track of.

    I love James Harriot. Hudson Taylor is an amazing man. I have the book “the spiritual secret of Hudson Taylor”. I read it 25 odd years ago and didn’t get it. Thinking I should read it again.

    1. That’s awesome you are so close to completing the 5×5! What are your categories? I’m totally looking up that AO reading schedule! Thanks!

      1. The AO schedule was just one of those term reading schedules all blanked out. Any year will work! I can even send you the blank one where the boxes are sized if you’d like.

        5×5 categories/books:
        Woman, wife, mom, self
        Dystopian, heros vs non-heros, society
        Book clubs
        Read aloud with boys
        Fiction and non-fiction feel goods (aka pleasant to read and random)

        But the books in each category feel so haphazard, so I think I need to rework it. And books that I read b/c its good for my soul would also fit in the “feel good” category.

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