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  1. Ci agree with Doreen S. I am also goi g to give this some thought, First goal: plan 6 to 8 tasks that I honestly have no excuse to not get done by Thanksgiving, goal will be to finish at least 5 if not more. Time to have goal 1 ready…..
    This Friday am.

  2. I love this! My goal for this week is to go through the 2 boxes of “stuff” in the garage and pack the 2 Operation Shoeboxes and have them ready to take to church Sunday 😄

  3. Dear Kari, I LOVE the challenge and LOVE being held accountable!! Such a WICKED awesome idea!! I’m GAME, let’s DO THIS!!!! Blessings!!

  4. I accept your challenge! I really need a push right now to complete a couple projects after a recent move from a rental to a purchased home. Here are my November goals: take off the old coffee themed wall paper border in the d.r. and kitchen, paint the bathroom (needs 3 coats to cover!), paint the d.r. and kitchen, and unpack a box a day.

  5. I love this idea, as well!
    Toward the end of the big initial COVID lockdown, when the “world” opened up again, a friend and I did something similar to put accountability into it before school started again. (We’re both teachers.) We had a project each week to complete. If we completed it, we would go to our favorite restaurant for a treat. I got SO MUCH done that I should have gotten done during all that spare time I was home for the lockdown.
    I’m making my list now!

  6. Geez. Hit the nail on the head, Kari! I’ve got some time, so gonna sit down with my Jan goals and see what I might do… though my goals are not usually that kind of goal oriented. I tend toward development and habit type goals.

    1. We might be related!!! 😂😂😂 I love it! You have inspired me! I have been thinking about this for a while!!! I think I will join in with “a project a day” and post on IG or Facebook what I will do in the morning and then the finished project at night at least 5 day a week until Dec. 18th! I would love to enjoy the week before Christmas and start the new year with at least 35 projects completed!!! I’m making a list now!!!

  7. This is a great post. So true! I have so many unfinished ideals (a mix of goals, habits, projects) – I am always so idealistic the last few weeks of December/first few weeks of January. If I have a list and every thing on the list is important to me – how do I decide where to start? I have even considered tearing up paper – writing it all down – and having my husband choose one out of a hat and then proceed from there. I hope you get your goals accomplished – and I had no idea what a great idea shredded paper was to store potatoes long term. That is awesome. Anyhow – I am in for finishing 2021 strong!! Thanks for this post.

  8. I need to finish binding my husband’s Oliver quilt I made for him 2 years ago. Yes…..2 years ago. It is sitting on my chair in the living room reminding me I need to finish it. I’m putting it off because when it’s done he will insist that it goes on our bed. I’m so sick of looking at it, I really don’t want it on my bed…..

  9. Hello Kari! I didn’t mean to appear as “Anonymous” up there. Sorry! I just pushed “post” too soon.
    Anyway, my project will be to work at the mess in my hobby room for at least one hour a day during one week (no weekends), starting today, and report my progress. It’s a big mess! Thanks for giving me the necessary drive 🙂

  10. I have done a cross stitch Christmas stocking for each member of our family. My plan is to finish the one for our new granddaughter. She was born in April but I’ve been putting it off, thinking I have plenty of time. They’re small stockings and if I get down to business, I should be able to do it pretty quickly.

  11. Great and timely idea. I too tend to do better with shorter term goals. After a little thought, I’ve come up with these: 1). Make the 5 birthday cards that will be mailed out through the end of the year. 2). Make the Christmas wreath I bought the stuff for last year so it will be ready for this Christmas season. 3). Plan and make sure I have all the supplies that I need to make the 20ish cards I need for Christmas mailing. That’s it. That’s a lot, but I can do it!

  12. I’d like to finish a quilt made of old blue-jeans that I started making for my son’s bed when he was in about the 4th grade. (He’s 44 years old now. Ha!) It would be awesome to finish it for him for Christmas. I recently bought sewing machine needles designed for heavy fabrics, including denim., which is a step in the right direction. I can see the finish line, as the quilt just needs a border.

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