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  1. What wonderful goals! I really need to list mine out.
    I am curious about the complimentary Ephesians study for subscribers. I noticed that it’s updated in the shop. Will the complimentary one be the older version?
    Thank you

  2. I always love reading your updates!! We are in need of building a chicken coop and run sooner rather than later (our chicks and ducklings are currently in our basement until we have time to build a coop). How did you build yours?

  3. I think you are doing great! See if you can borrow a leaf blower or rent one to take on the driveway. It might be just the ticket.

  4. You are an amazing and inspiring woman, Kari! Thank you for sharing. I’m in the middle of the beatitude study, so not ready for another one… but I’m so tempted to spend my play money on these!

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