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  1. You’re the reason I started bullet journaling in 2014, so it must be 9 years for me now? Thank you for introducing me to this sanity-saving system! I love your weekly gratitude page and the idea of having the monthly calendars all drawn up for the entire year. I tend to put off making the monthly calendar until I’m a week into the new month, and that always bugs me. I may copy that idea. I am straying from Leuchtturm this year and trying an Archer and Olive journal. I like the color but was kind of bummed that I didn’t realize the cover I ordered is a linen fabric. I’m going to spill soup or coffee on that within a week, guaranteed. I’ll let you know how it goes, though, and if A&O lives up to the hype. I think Leuchtturm will always be my #1. Also! I got the Well-Trained Mind book for Christmas last year because I put it on my own wishlist. Have I ever opened it? Nope. You continue to inspire me, friend.

    1. If you started in 2014 as I did, than this is your 10th year too right? Because we count 2014 as a year and 2023 is starting our 10th year! Let me know what you think of the A&O journal. I have been curious about them, but yes, I’d have a grease stain on it in the first 5 minutes!

  2. I love when you post your new year’s bullet journal layouts and goals for the next year. It looks great! Very streamline and easy to maintain. I’m dragging my feet about making 2023 goals because I didn’t hold myself accountable to a couple things last year. I need a better system.

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