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  1. I have used Scattered Squirrel! I incorporated lots of pages and printed it all out. I am *terrible* about using planners, so I can’t give a great review, but I love her color choices. I’ve often used her half-sized monthly calendars in my bullet journals. I do the best with a bullet journal over all though.

  2. I love my planner from Christian Planner. Each two page weekly spread had the “top 3” and a space for the daily habits. I appreciate the space for sermon notes, budgeting and monthly planning too. I’ve bought them for a few years and they keep getting better 🙂

  3. I love the idea of a DIY planner. My one BIG complaint about diy planners is the assumed “print it out” experience that I seem to over complicate the process… but back to back printing of a planning calendar is not the same as “just print it out” in my experience… I want to make sure the entire month is laid open to plan on and not have on part of the month print on the same back to back page🙄. Maybe this is just me… but a as a teacher, I cannot take that risk of time use and paper resources!

  4. This system was too fussy for me. Overwhelmed with all of the choices and having to print out pages and put them all together in some semblence of order just didn’t work for me. I have been a Franklin Planner gal for many years. The structure is built-in and I can easily add pages for art and various other things as I have want or need. I also like the ability to switch out the pages with yearly refills and reuse the binder. =) I guess I’m a creature of habit and not very advetureous!

  5. Kari, I often think the more I read your blog, the more we are alike! Habits are something I have been working steadfast on lately. The key for me is baby steps. Too many habits to start with leads to not getting hardly any of them done. I wish I was more like you in the doodle skills. If I were, I would probably like the bullet journal more. But, I find I spend too much time thinking about the placement and aesthetic appearance than making it work for me. I took a look at the Scattered Squirrel, but was overwhelmed with choices. Since I seem to be a collector of planners, I was inspired to go back and make one work. I’m using the SOS Planner, by Anchored Women. It has already been organized so that I can just PRINT and it comes out with proper open layout. I’ll be watching to find out how the Homeschool Self works out. Its something I always wanted to do after finishing with my boys.

    1. hahaha, that is the exact planner I’ll be using and reviewing next month! I used it successfully in 2017 when I was homeschooling all three boys and it was perfect. I see that she has updated it since then and has lots of options, which is again kind of overwhelming, but I’m looking forward to trying it again!

      1. The SOS Planner may seem overwhelming with 10 choices, but if you have a preference, you can easily eliminate those that won’t fit the criteria. I only need a weekly layout, so immediately eliminated several of the options. I also find “Inspired to Action” and “Planner Obsessed” have good options for some.

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