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  1. Thank you for these and the upcoming posts. I’ve done a very simple bullet journal for a couple of years, but it’s more like a glorified to-do list every week, with some pages at the front and back of reminders, house goals, and holiday lists. And no artwork… I use washi tape and colored pencils because I can’t draw to save my life. This year I would like to include more structure without being obsessive, haha. I used to journal memories pretty often, and would love to do a memory calendar like you have for every month. Also, a menu plan is a MUST. Your ideas are very helpful, and I will be looking forward to the next lesson! 🙂

  2. Kari, this is great . . . I have a “Prayerful Planner” now and I bullet journal for other things (not my calendar stuff–that’s all in the planner). One thing I NEVER did was put in a Table of Contents other than list the year and month start page numbers. BUT! When I ALWAYS number all the pages (I do this in my planners, too) and set aside four-five pages in the back for an INDEX!! The space the letters of the alphabet evenly over those index pages, about 6 letters per page in two columns — keep in mind some letters have very few entries.

    Whenever I added a page to the bu-jo, I popped a simple title & page # back there. I also decided right away that as long as an entry STARTED with that letter, it was okay to be out of ABC order, because an earlier entry was already written there in ink. I could live with that!

    I am SO THANKFUL now as it is so nice to locate those odd little pages (that for some reason I need to re-find it!). 🙂 The key to making this work is to remember that when you come back to FIND something, you’re NOT going to remember a “cute” title, your index entry needs to be GENERAL. Like, hmmm, I’m looking for the name of that medicine the doc prescribed. I’d enter that in the INDEX as “meds” and possibly “prescription” and also under the illness. Using more than one topic makes it a bit more work, but wowzah–it helps when five years later you need to know that drug name but who remembers stuff like that? But slick little you can open up to the index and voila! there it is!!

  3. Kari,
    I’m glad you’re doing this series! I’ve dabbled off and on with bujo and bujo-lite but nothing really stuck. I go through phases of need. But I think I’m ready to head in that direction again. I have already bought an Erin Condren deluxe monthly notebook which has the monthly grid, a monthly dashboard, and pages after each month then more notes pages in the back. So it kind of sounds like the version you mentioned on your last post. I’m thinking through now how I might use the monthly pages for the various things I want to plan/track for the month or week. And then I could put the more informational or brain dump type things in the back section. It will be a bit of an experiement as I go. We’ll see what happens. 🙂 Part of me wishes I had just gotten a journal like yours because the line spacing in this notebook is wider than what I’d prefer, but I do like the convenience of the monthly tabs and months already drawn out for me. As you can see–lots of thoughts… 🙂

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