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  1. Love your goals! I have the same photo issue that I’ve had in the corner of my bedroom for 5 years. I haven’t started because I’m not sure how. I have lots of double pics from before the digital camera. Any idea how your going to tackle it? My husbands mother gave him a photo album for him. It had just a few pictures but it was perfect for family memories.

    1. Well, I think my first step is to get one bin out photos out and sort through them and try to organize them close enough by year. Then the next step will be to sort through the best of the best for each event. Like you I have lots of double pics, or like 20 pics of one birthday party and we really only need a few key photos. Those two tasks there seem overwhelming, but if I just do a little each week, and keep consistent with it, I’m sure I can make progress.

      1. Yup! This week for me is just pulling out the bin and getting started with sorting. A little at a time and maybe in a year or so this big monster of a mess will be off both of our shoulders!

    2. If you don’t follow Miss Freddy, she has a great plan for how to tackle all of your photo issues. I’m working through her Backup Bootcamp. She coaches you on how to deal with digital and hard copies of photos as well as scanning. I’m thrilled with what I’ve learned from her and feel really happy with my photos. She also covers how to do simple albums. I’ve got 26,000 digital and scanned photos. It’s overwhelming but she has a good plan to help me focus on what’s important. Hope this helps!

    3. I’m going to start by sorting by person and big events (like family vacations). This month it’s just going to be sorting that way. Then I imagine next month will be organizing the pile according to approximate age for each person. Then it’ll be dividing them up into 4 photo albums (one for each son and one for Corey and I). Ya, it’s going to take months… if not all year. But it’ll be worth it!

  2. Love your goals, made me think that I may have to set some of the same for myself. Those of us who grew up taking TONS of pictures, that should be all our goal to declutter-yet for me it may take a couple of years for me to declutter.

    1. Ugh, the pictures. Yes. I start tomorrow on just sorting. I can do that right? No throwing away or deciding yet, just sorting through the massive bin under our bed. Just a little at a time.

  3. Love your goals. It helps me to think about what goals I want/need to set for myself. I have always had “things I want to do,” but I never list them, so they never get done. Now though, I have a place to put them. We’ll see how it goes this year!

  4. Thank you for sharing your goals. They make you a very interesting and inspirational woman! I have enjoyed following you through the years and always learn something new. I am going to use the workout videos that I never would have found without you! Thank you for making a difference in my life 🙂

    1. Awesome! I love it! That’s what we’re here for, right? To encourage each other! Great job! Keep me updated once in a while and let me know how it’s going!

  5. I posted my goals at the beginning of 2021, thinking I would follow up monthly like Lori at Generous Wife does. But it never happened, the follow up. Maybe I can do better in 2022.

  6. I have several very LARGE boxes of photo albums that I put together years ago from our trips & just family life. Plus a big one for each of our three youngest children (we also have 4 older kids who were fosters we adopted, so don’t have any pictures when they were young). I took apart several of the albums from many years ago, the albums were the NON-archival kind, so the photos were almost ruined; those photos are now in smaller boxes, somewhat organized. But the idea of going through ALL those photos, deciding, scanning, whatever. Ugh. PLUS the digital ones from the past, what? nearly 20 years–alarming!

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