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  1. I am SO SO SOOOOO excited for you to do the bullet journal posts. I found you originally by following a post from (Mystie Winkler maybe?!?) a homeschool mom who highlighted you and your bullet journal. I remember a post you did (and have looked for it, but cannot find it) where you showed a time bar you implemented. At the time, I tried it and it did NOT work for me in that season, but I have never forgotten that and would love to try it again. I just don’t remember the specifics of it? I think it was by the hour and maybe color coded? And it was a bar across the top of your page I think?

    Either way – I am SO SO excited to see the bujo posts. I started bullet journaling because of your inspiration and I have not been at it as faithfully or as long as you have, but they are much loved, much treasured pieces/snapshots of our lives. And one of my favorite things to do is to peak into other people’s bujo’s – they are just so incredibly creative and each one unique. Sunshine

    1. Ya! It probably was Mystie Winckler! That was so long ago! Yes, I know exactly what time tracker bar you are talking about and I had forgotten about that too. Yes, it was by the hour and then I color coded the time slot to match the dot at the front of the task. That was fun! I’m like you, I love seeing how others do their bullet journals too!

  2. I would be interested in knowing where you incorporate digital methods in your planning. Do you use your journal for even your calendar? I know you are visual with wonderful doodles, so it makes sense you use paper & pen, but does that give you satisfaction in writing the same thing down daily/weekly/monthly in the journal? I struggle with the idea and implementation of rewriting daily/weekly the routines that don’t change, but I Love the idea of a journal that I can remember my days with. Do you have places in the bullet journal where you comment on thoughts, ideas, lessons or is that a different one?

    1. I don’t use any digital methods for planning other than the reminder feature on my phone for appointments, etc. I have switched from writing out an annual monthly calendar in my bullet journal to having a separate paper one. I’ll show you all the details soon!
      I know what you mean about rewriting daily and weekly, and I’ve tried a bunch of different systems, but find that it really does work for me to write each day out, even if it doesn’t change much. For some reason that really helps me stay on track!
      And yes, I do keep different quotes, ideas, thoughts, verses, etc in my bullet journal. I usually try to box them in or highlight them so they stand out because I usually stick them in wherever there is a blank spot as I don’t keep a separate page for them.
      I’ll show more details in those posts. These are great questions, thanks!!

  3. So excited to see your posts about bullet journaling!! I’ve wanted to start and never have taken the time. Can’t wait!!

  4. I’m looking forward to your BuJo posts! I don’t bujo, but I did and it still intrigues me. I just love that you have a year to a book (or so).

    My boys and hubby LOVE strawberries. And I’m very much a prepper at heart, and a tree hugger, and a “I am woman, hear me roar” and a “I love Jesus more than my own life”. I’m complex, or so I like to think. Maybe I’m just mixed up? Anyhoo, I’m thinking about gardens and what I want to plan at the new house (moving in January or so?)

    I found the advent study booklets we did several years ago. Maybe we will do those again this year. I wonder if I can print on watercolor paper? Then the pictures can be painted… might have to research that.

    1. oh fun that you get to start a garden at your new place next spring! Yay! Are you moving to a different planting zone, or will it be about the same where you are now?
      Let me know if it works to print on watercolor paper, that’s an interesting idea

      1. Same city. We currently live on the north side of town and the new house is south of town. All of 12 miles as the crow flies, but there is the lake between here and there, so its 30 minutes to go around the lake.

        I read that heavier paper can result in more jams…. hmmm… might have to get the boys to stick with colored pencils or markers? Maybe I’ll try it for a page or two….

  5. I look forward to the Bullet Journal info. I have tried to journal in the past with little success. I look forward to trying again with your guidance.

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