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  1. Got the beets canned this week. Still need to make some applesauce. And I’m going to try a fermented beet/apple relish!

    1. That all looks amazing and I know you’ll pull it off, Kari!
      I’ve been sick this week so, besides a Bday party tonight, I’ll be working on binding a quilt I just finished hand quilting – 10yr long frustrating project. 😣 Also plan to machine quilt another top I already made and attempt a DIY afghan of old sweaters cut into patches and reassembled. These are tagged as Cmas gifts in my mind so we can be intentional about our projects together!
      Anonymous’ fermented beet/apple relish sounds magnificent!

  2. Decluttering my house so that we can get our foundation looked at 🙁
    Bible studies that I have started and would like to finish – I am terrible about setting something aside for just a bit and before I know it – weeks and sometimes months pass me by.
    The Promises Advent study (that you wrote – ha!) with my girls.

  3. I think my major project is getting our house packed up for moving. Hopefully moving in January!

    I finished my 5×5 challenge, and I’m working on habits. With littles, I found having year long goals too much to try and keep up with, but neither boy is too little any more! Maybe I have some annual type goals in 2023? (or try I again? I think I tried in 2021 and didn’t do great)

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