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  1. I feel the need to spend concentrated time in the New Testament and the Prophets. So, I am reading starting in Romans and Isaiah. I am writing down verses that stick out to me and trying to spend time reading slowly and asking meditation verses. My goal is to actually spend time with Jesus and not just do a mental exercise. Your post has given me more helpful ideas. Thank you.

    1. So, I have tried my plan and realized I am going waaaaaay too fast. Slowing down and asking the Father what He wants to show me. Got only through 4 verses today before I was stopped.

      1. Awesome! I think there is definitely huge benefit for just slowing waaaaaay down! It’s not how much you read, but how thoughtfully you read and spend time with God! Keep it up!

  2. The church I am a member of has a plan for reading through the Bible in the year. In January I start reading in Genesis and in December I finish up in Revelation. Each day you read 3-4 chapters a day. Since I am a slow reader I used the Bible app. I listen and read along with the person who reading the Bible. I have learn so much from do this each year. This is my six year of doing this.

  3. I really like the questions and the time to consider the answers. It doesn’t matter if you read it and God’s word doesn’t change us.

  4. I’m doing a similar DIY plan. I’ve read through the Bible the last three years in a row and I decided I wanted to go a little slower this year. So, I’m doing 4 book plans (YouVersion) – Genesis, Psalms, Proverbs and Matthew. (The DIY part is that I chose the books) When I finish a book, I’ll go to the next one and see wherever I end up at the end of the year. I’m doing a deep dive in the book of Mark right now that goes verse by verse (video study) and there are like 73 videos or something. I’m only on #24 so I’ll be here awhile.

  5. First off,,,,,,Happy new year! Secondly – thank you for this post.
    I have been away from the Lord for about 2 years and i feel convicted. I was looking for something to start off this year to help me get back into the word and closer to Jesus, but i am not good at sticking to routines, so this plan here is very versatile and i cant wait to start this. Thank you for this BLOG!!!!!
    God bless!

    1. I hope Kari doesn’t mind that I comment on this – but your comment caught my eye this morning as I went to leave my own. I have been exactly where you are and this blog is SUCH a great place to find ideas to reconnect. Kari has some amazing posts through the years of how to plug (back) into the Word of God – praying for you right now as I post this – that God captures your heart and your affections through His Word.

  6. I’m doing that, reading one chapter of OT, 1 Psalm, 1 chapter of NT each day … or trying to. I started that in October of 2021 and still working through. I like the way you aim to interact with the passages and really think on them. I’ve figured out a way to bring my prayer journal into my morning devotional time, but I’m gonna be thinking about this method you laid out. I really appreciate it when you share these things! I struggle to do more than read the passage. I have no creativity or much thought at that time of the morning, though I don’t have much more of either even after I’ve finished my coffee.

  7. You have helped me to go deeper into the Word than I have before. In the past I read the One Year Bible, but a couple of years ago (thanks to your blogs) I did some other plans like Mediate on 1 chapter a day then I read 10 chapters a day. Now this year, I feel the need to focus on the minor prophets and the gospels. So, for 1 month I am doing a book study starting with Nahum, then spend 1 month in a gospel (Mark), then 1 month a book study in Habakkuk, then 1 month in Matthew etc. By book studies, I am writing out the outline of the book, finding key words, making daily observations, and applying it.

  8. The past few years I have taken the summer to do a rapid read-through (B90), but found myself floundering through the rest of the year. Last year I did NT in 90, but during the rest of the year I did the Sermon on the Mount study (AMAZING!!!) and a deep-dive into Romans. This year I found Growing 4 Life – she leads her blog through repeated readings of three or four books, some Psalms, and a character study. This year it is Mark, Jonah, The life of Elijah, 1& 2 Timothy, 3 John, and a handful of Psalms. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea of making the three columns. I want to implement that. Oh and I am now on my second year of slowly working my way through Barb Raveling’s Taste for Truth (and the companion I Deserve a Donut).

    1. I’m so thankful you did the Sermon on the Mount study. I can’t say enough how life changing it was for me! And I love that you’re working through Barb’s stuff too. She has really helped me so much too!

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