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  1. Hi Kari! Reading this blog today reminded me that I had bought this workshop in the spring, but I was doing other Bible studies at the time. Right now, I can’t find the workbook that I printed off (if I did). I know that the first time that I tried to print it, the pages were off kilter. Could you send me the printing instructions again and whatever else was in the email of introduction? I can find many of your emails, but of course- not that one! This would be a good time for me to start it. I already had Martin Lloyd Jones book , so I have everything that I need.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ruth Ann, just send me a note with the email address you used when you purchased the workshop and I can resend the links. You can use the Contact Me link at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

  2. Hello, thanks for this study. I am having problems with Booklet 1, when I click on the link it comes up Matthew 5:13-20. Please help.

    1. Hi Diana, it sounds like you bought part two. If you wanted part one (the Beatitudes Workshop), just send me an email (the Contact Me link at the bottom of the page) and we can get it straightened out.

  3. Dear Kari,
    I finally found the correctly printed booklet (that I printed in March), and I found the download information with the password for Part One. Sorry to have bothered you. Now I will order part two and start this whole study this next week (well, maybe – 3 little kiddos coming to stay while my daughter has her new baby – whenever that occurs!). I am looking forward to studying. I have enjoyed Lloyd Jones sermons, and I have already read parts of this book when I studied the Sermon on the Mount some years ago. I know this will be a rich study!
    Ruth Ann

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