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  1. I love this teaching. I struggle so much trying to study the bible. I do not know where or how to start. I feel like I am just reading it and not getting it. Thank you!!!! I hope you do more. Cheryl

  2. Hi Kari – Thanks for sharing! Would definitely love to hear more about your process. I totally relate to wanting to find the next beautiful book with the clever title that will give me the immediate skills mine all the gems. I have the horrible tendency to gloss over all the hard work it takes to get good at the skills. And then I get discouraged and impatient. And move on to the next beautiful book with the clever title…I am working on it though. Appreciate all your wonderful insights!

    1. YESSS to the beautiful books! Ugh! Together (with lots of GRACE!) we can change though, right? So thankful for each new day and new mercies!

  3. Thank you Kari for letting us see “behind the curtain.” I get stuck in the loop of “read through the Bible” in 90 days/365 days etc. But it doesn’t seem to stick, I’m just ticking the box of “read the Bible today.” 2020 was the first year I read the entire Bible in a year (NT & Psalms twice) I almost did it in 2021, but lost steam in December because of . . . well life. I switched to a 5 day reading/listening plan for 2022 but again it seems like I am just doing the motions and I don’t want the “app” to keep prompting me to listen to today’s reading and get behind. I look forward to you continuing this series. I really enjoy your posts! On another note: we are planning to turn our front yard into a garden with berry bushes instead of the ornamental ones and true apple trees instead of the useless crabapple. It has the best sun exposure and is away from the huge black walnut in our backyard that is not friendly to any vegetables. I hope you have a great day.

    1. Oh I’d love to talk gardens and Bible with you! What a great idea with the berry bushes and trees! I haven’t touched our front yard, it sounds like yours, everything planted was pretty, but useless. Maybe next year I’ll tackle that!

  4. Absolutely, please do a series on this very concept.
    I have two bookcases, full of books on different ideas about the Bible or specific scriptures, Bible studies, etc, and they just sit there collecting dust. I am afraid to get rid of them because I know one day I will want that very book.
    You hit the nail on the head when you said that you have to dig for yourself to find your own gems. Understanding a scripture is a very personal process. We can each read the words, but the take away is different for each one of us. Just because Joyce Meyer got this concept from reading it, doesn’t mean I have the same take away. And the next time I read that same Scripture, it can mean something else to me.
    That’s the beauty of God’s word. I is always relevant regardless of what century it is.

    I guess I have always known this, but never gave it life until reading this.
    Thank you for serving God and answering your calling.


  5. Kari, I love your journal/doodle Bible studies. I get so much out of them and I go back and read through my notebooks. I do not like read and fill in the blank studies. I want to be in God’s word not someone else’s word. After doing several of your doodle studies I did the Book of Job on my own in the journal style. I used overviews and a favorite commentary to focus on main ideas. I got so much out of Job which I never understood before. So please continue with this series! And I encourage others to step out of your comfort zone and the shadow of others’ knowledge and do your own Bible study. Thank you for your wonderful material.

    1. I LOVE that you read through your notebooks too! I was just reviewing one of my I Will Meditate guides because I remembered I had studied it before! What a wonderful testimony about your time in Job! I will definitely continue the series. Thanks for your encouragement!

  6. Kari, you have been instrumental in my studying the Word in a new and deeper way! I started on your challenge of Psalm 119. Although I didn’t finish the whole chapter, I felt like a was in a gold mine discovering one gem after another. Then I moved on to several of your journal and doodle Bible studies. Again, they were the source of great encouragement and enjoyment as I worked through each one. I was not settling on a ‘read-through-the-Bible plan for this year, and then I lost the first half of this month due to the death of my sister-in-law and all the work that ensued in taking care of her house and belongings. I had pretty much decided to do some book studies this year instead of reading through the Bible again. My husband and I also gave a challenge to our 14 grandchildren aged 3-15 that we would take anyone who memorized the book of James by July on a week vacation. If they learned 4 chapters, a four day trip, three chapters a three day trip, etc. Some are working on it and I have sent some study helps to them as well. I also love using the Hebrew/Greek Study Bible and have sent them copies of the chapter with deeper meanings for important words. I had decided to start with studying the book of James for my Bible study time and this post popped up today. I will enjoy using your ideas as I dig into the book of James. And yes, it also means that my husband and I are working on memorizing the book as well. It is probably a bigger challenge to us than them. We have the motivation, but memorizing Scripture has been difficult for me since college days. I think you also had a post on Bible memory that encouraged reading a passage 50 times before starting to try to memorize it. As we have traveled for a couple of funerals in the past month or so, we have been listening to the book of James over and over. Again, I thank you for the help that you have been to me in helping my Bible study time be one of rich delight! I always look forward to reading your posts of encouragement!

    1. What a wonderful idea and could there be a better legacy then encouraging your grandchildren in this way. I am so glad to hear you and your husband are also working on it together. I pray God will pour out blessing on you and your generations to follow you.

    2. Yes! Psalm 119 is SUCH a gold mine! And what an awesome challenge! I hope you and your grandchildren memorize it all and share that wonderful memory!

  7. This was so helpful. I would love if you would continue the series! I’ve done many different studies over the years, alone and in groups. I’ve loved your studies and like to go back and forth between overview and digging deep. But this particular post was so clear and concise. Especially love the idea of listing all the headings of the chapters/sections in one spot before you start. Thanks so much for all the time you take to share what you’ve learned!

  8. I have been looking for a new bible study to do in our very small small group. I think this might be prefect. If not, I will be doing it. Thank you Kari.

  9. Thank you for sharing this with all of us! You’ve put so beautifully into words what I’ve felt for a long time! I work with college age girls and I’m excited to pass this along to them.

  10. I am so happy I came across this article in search of a method to do a book, verse by verse study on my own. I wanted to do something more than complete the required list of readings to get through the bible. Nothing wrong with that, but, at this time, that feels like just checking a box. I noted you suggested to start with a short book and one of the ladies spoke about the book of James, so I decided to begin there, which I did today. I am looking forward to what you have to tell us next.

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