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  1. Just ordered your workshop, Kari, I’m super excited to get started! I wasn’t able to download the free pdf, but requested permission–did you have any trouble when trying to download it? Thank you!

  2. Hi Kari! Purchased your workshop last night and finished printing off this a.m. Thank you so much! Really looks like a great study, and must have been a lot of work . . but when I clicked on the first video re. Introduction, it said “can’t be found”.

    1. I ended up purchasing the workshop now. I see how it would be useful to have the book and not just the audio, but I do like having the audio to listen while I follow along in reading. I am also having trouble accessing the video.

      Thanks for this resource! One of the teachers at my church is going through the sermon on the mount, but pretty much academically so I appreciate this study.

    2. Since this is designed as a workshop, the workbook isn’t available by itself. But that’s a great link! Thanks for sharing!

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