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  1. Gosh, I’m really enjoying these old posts made new. I’ve done this for a few places, but I never just read through the Bible doing this. Since I’m in a season where doing much consistently is hard, this might be my route to better habits. Thank you!

  2. I committed to reading through the Bible 3 years ago. The first year, I read it through once. The second year I read through it 2 times. This year I’m read a 90 day Chronologically. Before, I too would try to read through the Bible and usually fell off by Leviticus. I struggled with names and I spent too much time trying to figure out how to say them. So, when I decided to read through the Bible, I signed up for You Version. I could pick my plan and I could listen to it while following along, so much better.
    Then I got a new Bible and wanted to mark certain things, like I had in my old Bible. I should say, my old Bible was NASB, and my new Bible is KJV. The Pastor at our new church uses KJV and I like to be in the same version. So, I couldn’t just take my old Bible and copy the markings. So the first time through the Bible, I highlighted every reference to God, Lord, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and their pronouns. The second time through, I distinguished between each of the three in the Trinity, making a triangle for God, a cross for Jesus and a half triangle and squiggly for the Holy Spirit. While doing the 90 day reading, I’ve been underlining when God spoke, ie: “and the Lord told Moses” I will underline what God told Moses. I’m also listening to a dramatized version. That really makes the Bible come more to life. As I said, this is my 3rd time through the Bible, and I get much more out of my reading, listening and following along. Also, as I’m reading, I’ll stop at certain verses and remember they were quoted in the New Testament.
    I tried to just listen to the Bible when I was working around the house or sewing, but I didn’t retain anything I heard. Listening and following works for me.
    I have enjoyed reading many of our posts, and some years ago, I updated my prayer journal with some of the ideas you have. I love the fact that you have so many types of journals. I have the same, journals for studies, sermon notes and for my many hobbies. I’m not artistic as you, but I’m able to lay out my notes so I can go back and look at them.
    Thank you

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