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  1. about..
    I want to read consistently and in order. 1 chapter a day in Mathew.
    I want to rehearse the verse. I pick a verse a week and practice it daily. I think I’m gonna put in my bathroom and practice it while I get ready for work.
    I want to stretch daily. I have bad back pain and am stiff so I have a set of exercises I should do daily. I’ll start at once a day and work up later.

  2. I tend to do better with interval goals, so about a 6 week time period. But right now I’m working on (1) getting up enough before my boys so I have time to read my bible after I do my morning things and (2) my 3 household routines that I’m figuring out. I’ve got a morning and evening routine quite in hand, but I’m adding an “after dinner” routine that includes take out the compost, wipe counters down and put things on counters away. But that time after dinner and before the boy’s bedtimes is a rather unstructured time, so I’m struggling to figure out what to use to trigger this routine. My morning routine is triggered by have that lag of activity after everyone is ready but before the day really starts. My evening routine is triggered by the “I’m going to bed” time frame. Gosh, using the word “triggered” feels so off here, but it so works. I guess for Dec I’m playing with my get up time and this after-dinner routine!

  3. Before I forget it, I found the neatest prayer resource – – when you sign up for her blog she sends a weekly prayer pdf that is SUCH a great resource. I have a spot in my bullet journal where I note down who I need to pray for, but being regular about even those I love deeply – I have failed at that. This resource is a great framework – and I think will help so much in the discipline I am lacking.
    I LOVE all of your examples – so I am going to try all three (+one). I already get up early in the morning, so I am going to start on week two of the Bible reading suggestion.
    Weight/Health – we are switching to a more plant based diet so this break-down is SO helpful
    Bible – start every morning reading one chapter (I am choosing Luke because of Christmas)
    Finances – follow your idea
    Tidy – One bag of declutter every single day the first week (we have actually already started this habit) and then shredding the mail and receipts at the end of the day (instead of letting them turn into their own small mountain just waiting for someone to knock them over…), and then the bills/papers at the end of the month that I no longer need

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