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  1. I don’t really understand how to do bullet journaling. Is there way that you have that will help me. It is really interesting to me. Please help with this.

  2. So fun to read these posts. I wish I could keep better track like you do, but I guess I got my own system. I gotta acknowledge that.

    So, Pahla B, on youtube. Do you just pick on to do each day? (gosh, decision fatigue!) I’m not over 50 yet, but I’m dealing all sorts of hormonal wonkiness and 20 lbs I just can’t drop. and a belly that looks like I’m 6 month pregnant. Which I’d be fine with, but I’m not and I’m tired of the belly!) I’m walking with my boys for school PE Mon to Thursday, a nature walk on Friday and I walk alone on Saturday. But I still don’t hit my 10k steps on these days. Sheesh. Of course, its the same sorts I’ve dealt with all my 30s and 40s. Just not really figured things out yet.

    Your garden posts are so wonderful! I’m dreaming of my garden for next year. I’m great at starting but I stink at finishing. So, gonna try again.

  3. I have made individual pot pies in pint canning jars. I put crust on the sides and top only. They froze great and can be baked from frozen if you put them in the cold oven.
    I am inspired by all of your tomato recipes. I had an amazing crop of tomatoes and want to do some canning with them.

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