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  1. You betcha slow but sure. I’m not in a hurry just doing it steadily. You inspired me to get things in order. Life gets busy and i don’t keep up like i should. So this time its going to scale way down so i don’t have so much to deal with. As we get older life needs to be simpler. I don’t want to go through this again. That old saying KISS keep it simple silly. Got to tack that on the wall of my study. Thanks Kari for keeping us on our toes and making more time for Him in our lives.

  2. Indoors, my houseplants got fresh soil and, where necessary, a bigger pot. Plus, I added a few more plants to my collection. I also organized a recipe binder that I use at work where I am a baker. It already came in handy this week as I started training someone to take my place while I’m on vacation. She appreciated my orderly system.

    Outdoors, I got my tulip bulbs (and a few other spring-flowering bulbs) planted, dug up gladiolus bulbs and peacock orchid rhizomes, and tidied my main flowerbed in the front yard. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm-ish, so I may get a few other outdoor tasks completed.
    I also polished up and finally posted two blog posts that had been sitting in my “draft folder” for far too long.
    Thanks, Kari. I appreciate the push.

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