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  1. This is so much fun to read! Has me inspired, though since we are building, I didn’t do a garden here and not ready to do a garden there. The time will come. Of course, this year was an awful year to garden as its been hitting 100s since early June and very very little rain (really none, but that’s not quite true). Hoping next year is a more “normal” year.

    1. it’s crazy how different each year is. Last year was amazing with broccoli, this year, we got less than a pound! So hoping next year is much better for us too!

  2. One caution with collecting seeds is in the hard squashes. My parents tried that one year and ended up with some weird crosses between butternut squash and acorn squash. I think due to cross pollination.

    I really like royal burgundy beans and recommend everyone try them. They’re so easy to see come harvest time.

    1. I also learned this last year as I ended up with a very different lettuce from cross pollination. This year I’m keeping everything well separated to see if that helps.

  3. Our garden is also still seeing the results of the “poisoned poop” – but we shall overcome! (One variety of cucumbers is bright orange – not supposed to be that way 🙂 ) Our strawberry plants all survived, so I’m happy!

    1. UGGGHHHH! I’m so sorry! What a big ugly mess this all was. Did you do anything to try to mitigate it? All those shovelfuls of poop, for this. Grrrr…

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