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  1. in the seed snail, which I did try with cantelope seeds, as I don’t care too much about them, you put the soil on the top half of the paper/ burlap/ etc, and then fold it up to create a pocket that you then roll up. At least the video you shared in a previous blog post did that. I think the see snail might work nicer as its a larger clump of dirt and paper so it won’t dry out so fast. Here in central texas, that is normally an issue. Of course, not right now as its crazy humid with all the rain we’ve gotten.
    I picked up onion starts at walmart, of all places, and some are bulbing out. I need to pull back the dirt and mulch from around them. Thank you for that reminder! I think I harvest them in June. I’ll do 2 packs of starters next year!

    1. It is crazy how the different zones make gardening so much different. As of now my carrots and basil are sprouting in the seed snails. (I know carrots don’t like to be transplanted, but I’m gonna try it anyway #rebelgardening) Keep me updated on how the garden goes for you this year!

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