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  1. I loved this and really wanted to print it out and post it in 3 columns in my office so I could check where I am and work toward “Deliberate”. But then you said at the end that we should not reduce our walk to bullet lists of requirements and instead focus on the relationship we have with Jesus. I have always been a “good girl” and I want to do the things that get me a 💯 but that’s not what a relationship with God is about. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Yes! That’s me too! I want to have a chart or list to compare myself to and see how good (usually how bad) I’m doing. But God says “Look to Me, not that, not others!” I have to constantly remind myself of Him! He is there, He is real, He wants all of me, not my check lists. I think this is my theme song lately:

  2. This was so helpful to see areas that I need to repent and seek the Lord in order to grow in my my devotion to Him. I’ve been reading “Heart & Habits” by Greg E. Gifford but still wrestling to submit my earthly desires to Christ especially when it comes to my worldly desires and being content.

  3. Kari, thank you as always for your thoughtful Bible study! I think that your lists are very helpful in evaluating where we are in our spiritual journey. It helps get to the root of why we react the way we do (instead of excusing it by saying it is the way I grew up or my personality). I am irritable not because of my circumstances but because of my heart. I have just been talking with a friend this week about the Christian walk, and I believe that this will be helpful to her in understanding the heart mentality versus the checklist mentality. Much food for thought here. I also like the three word evaluation of where we are spiritually – do I neglect Christ’s command or follow occasionally or follow deliberately? So good! May God continue to bless you as you study and then share with others!

  4. Great examination, Kari. It’s wonderful how you have broken it all down and made it accessible to daily living, rather than a vague idea that nebulous as to how to put into practice. Appreciate you sharing this!

  5. Thankyou Kari , Ever since your Psalm 119 study , I’ve been waiting for another Lesson on Meditation ❤️❤️

  6. Thank you SO much for this post. I struggle so much with landing in the first two categories, but want to describe my walk with Christ as being defined by the descriptions of the third category. One way that I am going to work on this – and I have thought about doing this for a while – I am going to set up “snack” stations around the house. Where I cook, do laundry, teach my girls etc; – place His Word or reminders to seek His face in prayer and/or worship. I got that idea on one of my many failed attempts to do the 40 day sugar fast (by Wendy Speake). This morning’s post brought this idea back to my mind and again I am reminded of how much I need to not have a check-off sheet, but yet reminders to turn my eyes to Jesus (LOVE the song you posted). Thank you for posting this.

  7. This post was so helpful and so convicting – yikes! I admit I came looking for help with the “how to” of Biblical meditation, but I was floored and convicted reading through those lists. I definitely fall in the “let’s try harder”/12-step-plan camp when it comes to recognizing my shortcomings, but like others I realize that it really boils down to loving and seeking God most of all. If I aim for that, everything else falls into place. The funny thing is, this is the exact advice I once gave to someone else; turns out I’m so bad at following it myself!

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