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  1. Hi, Kari, I’m one of those who’re apparently participating in The Great Resignation (I didn’t know it was a thing when I changed up my job recently!) and I’m in this weird period of waiting for the Lord’s leading and movement. There is much uncertainty, but the one thing I know, learned through the various trials of my life-to-date, is to keep on keeping on. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and the encouragement, praying for God’s peace to rest upon you this day.

  2. I always enjoy your down to earth truthful processing of what’s going on. Often times people overlook the need for honesty when sharing. Not everyone’s circumstances look the same. Friendships are different, callings are different, jobs and opportunities are different for all of us. Taking the time to slow down and write out scripture is some thing that I will be working on. I need to memorize more than what I know currently. This is been an amazing year of self discovery and learning about the Lord. I have never felt such peace and contentment in my life when following his guidance every step of the way. Even that has felt misunderstood at times by others. Thank you for your positive encouragement.

  3. Kari this post is a total confirmation of things the Lord has been showing me. I spend more time discussing news and politics than I do discussing the wonders of our God! I spend more time reading headlines than the word. It’s no wonder I’m fearful and anxious. I’m right where the enemy wants me—distracted! I’m working on putting away the news and reaching for scripture…stopping myself when I want to speak of mandates and instead speak of what God is doing in my life. I definitely don’t want fear to spill over to others around me. Instead I want Gods Grace, truth, love, and peace to spill over to all I come in contact with.

    Thank you for sharing your heart!

  4. Thank you Kari . . . I can’t say it any better than Melissa (above) did . . thank you for sharing your heart!
    I am signed up and ready to order your new Sermon on the Mount study!

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