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  1. Beautifully written, Kari! I love the analogy!

    I just finished the Intro to the Beatitudes chapter (I often have lots of time in my day). In each video you mention commenting below, but I have seen no place to comment on the workshop page. On the YouTube page there is place to comment, but I have seen no comments so I don’t know if I am missing where people are commenting?

    I’m also assuming that since I couldn’t access the video on Poor In Spirit that this will perhaps be accessible in a couple of weeks. Is that the plan?

    I am appreciating your time and effort in doing this workshop. I can tell through the videos that it has been life-changing for you. You are not the same Kari. :). Thanks for wanting to share this book with others and for putting together the workbook that directs toward heart search.

    1. Hey Jennifer! Thank you for letting me know the comments weren’t turned on. I think I fixed it now! And yes, only the first 3 videos are up! I’m filming the rest of them this week and next, so check back at the end of next week! I’m so excited that you’re going through the Beatitudes with me! Thank you!!

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to rush you. I’m not in a hurry and probably shouldn’t be going to fast. It’s just so good and I have time. Thanks, Kari.

  3. Oh Kari, this is such a good picture. Its impossible to keep the sand out, which is why Hubby is not keen on the beach… sigh… I love it. But you have to deal with it… if you don’t you’ll have sand in your bed and in your house and in your shower…. Sin is just like this, so much so.

    I’m not in a place where I can take on a course like this, but it sounds wonderful and I hope to come back to it later. It will be worth the higher price, that I know.

    Thank you, Kari!

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