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  1. I have been making my own planner/bullet journal using discs for years. Basically because I prefer customizing different parts and I don’t like bound journals nor 3 ring style. I keep looking at offerings that come up re: pages like you have linked to wondering “will these work enough for me so I can free up some of my time I use to set up my months ?” The answer so far has been No. I’m looking forward to following your experiment as I’m sure I’ll find applications to similar issues I have or ask myself. I make covers for my planner using cut-down cereal boxes that I cover with pretty paper I have had for awhile so its a win-win for my budget and the recycling bin! Thanks for sharing. Cool site re: the printable pages. Keep us posted.

  2. I’ve been visiting and use Scattered Squirrel printables for years, Alli is great and it’s great that she offer her printables for free. 🙂
    Looking forward to your experiment!

  3. Love this end of year experiment! I’ve used a habit tracker from Scattered Squirrel for a few years now. I’m so thankful for sites like hers and yours. I’ll be following along, can’t wait to see what’s next!

  4. WOW! Scattered Squirrel is amazing! I have designed my own weekly dashboard page, and my interval planning page, but I’m always getting ideas from others. Thanks.

  5. Kari-
    I am having a hard time seeing the sample above – they are dark so I can’t make them out. Maybe it’s just old eyes. Anxious to see what you found. Thanks,

  6. I’m still on the hunt for one small enough for a smaller purse. The old Franklin Quest pocket size was mine for years and years. Thank you for this link. I do love some of her pages!

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