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  1. Almost all hay has this herbicide. It kills most everything but grass because that is what grazing animals eat and because the farmers don’t want weeds in their hay. If you take your compost and mix it with water and spray it on a broad leaf weed, it’ll pretty much let you know if there is poison in it. If it dies, it does. If it lives it’s clean. It takes forever to leave the soil. My neighbor did this eight years ago and that bed still is not usable.
    I’d spread it on my grass and hope there is no run off into my beds. Or put it in a pile and slowly get rid of it. I wouldn’t want a bed to sit there unused.

  2. Wow, that is horrible. I am so sorry that happened to you. When I used to garden, I only used a huge box of Miracle Grow and mixed with Water that was safe for Gardens and Plants that was it, plus potting soil. The only things I ever added to it was coffee grounds and maybe egg shells and tea bag teas. I was not much of a gardener. Wish I lived closer and could gifted you my soil, it is black and great for gardening, as we are needing to weed out the soil near our house and put down mulch, but one day… lol.

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