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  1. I loved this short story!! Such a encouraging read. I’m grateful for the ending because I think there are many times I try to encourage another woman and then go away second guessing all the things I said, thinking my words were all wrong. But perhaps they weren’t. Perhaps they were life changing and turned a heavy soul around and gave them hope!
    I too have been wanting to understand the many thoughts about pretribulation and the end times. I have followed Amir for quite a while and he is hard core on the rapture of the church as I’ve also been taught growing up. But recently after doing N T Wright’s bible study on Revelation and hearing others thoughts on the church being present during the tribulation, I am questioning what I’ve been taught. If we are called to suffer for the sake of the Gospel, to take up our cross and follow Jesus knowing that persecution follows believers in so many countries around the world, why would I believe that we would escape that and be raptured out of this world. That is such a Western church belief. And if we will be called to suffer for His sake till He returns I want to be part of the bride who is preparing herself to be ready for Him. Not sitting around thinking I don’t have to worry because I won’t be here.
    Lots of thoughts! Thank you for giving ear to my meanderings! I love your new website and enjoy reading all your posts. I get excited when I see an email from Stonesoup!🤗 Oh and there is Nothing ordinary about you!!💞

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