1. This was INCREDIBLE. I second your appreciation of Mrs. F. Hutchings!! I also loved your idea about listing each category out from each week under each heading (did that sentence make any sense?!?!). I think the biggest thing this study revealed to me, the more I think about it, the more it ruminates in my heart, the more I see the call to die to self and to turn to Christ. Thank you SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for doing this. You have NO idea how much we have appreciated this and the work it has done (and continues to do) in our lives. Sunshine

  2. Kari, I’m so thankful you’ve brought Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones sermons back into the light. They contain so much revelation and insight into the scriptures. I have thoroughly enjoyed growing closer to my Lord and the process of memorizing these verses (in both English and Spanish!) I will continue to recite them so their knowledge and my lessons learned stay with me. It will be a continuing work as I run the race to win. I’m looking forward to studying Part 2, using your workbook as a tremendously helpful resource.

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