1. This chapter was such a blessing and at the same time very difficult to complete – because when I see my life in light of what he broke down the Sermon on the Mount to be – I am ashamed at the superficiality of my heart, of my daily pursuits, and of my lack of true understanding of what I have been called to live and walk out. The sentence that shook me the most was the warning at the end of the chapter – my life that I am building will have to face His final test and the ultimate scrutiny of the eye of the Lamb of God that was once slain. May I live and pursue life in light of this truth.

    1. Amen, Sunshine! To be reminded what sinners we are, and just how far we are from righteousness on our own, is humbling and should bring us to our knees daily.

  2. Yes, very sobering. It’s a continual work to set our hearts and minds on things above when the immediacy of the world blares so strong in our faces. May we live before His face always.

  3. The sentence I liked best was: “The Christian, therefore, should never worry about his circumstances in this world because of his relationship to God.” Amen!

    1. This came up in my study of Philippians this week. I tend to grumble and complain because I don’t believe God and His promises. If I truly believed the He is working everything out for good I wouldn’t worry or complain. I need to trust His Sovereignty, His Goodness, His power and His Love.

      1. I agree whole heartedly Jennifer that I need to trust His Sovereignty, His Goodness, His Power and His Love.

  4. I loved the part where he says that if we argue with the Beatitudes then we don’t understand them.

  5. This chapter helps me see the relationships we have with GOD versus the world. The sentences that brought that out for me is one of the essential and most obvious things about a Christian is realizing he is in the presence of GOD. That is why the Christian man, of necessity, should view everything that happens to him in this world entirely different from everybody else. I know the world is watching everything we say and do but I know there are many times when I don’t realize the one I should be concerned with is GOD as He is watching me and listening to my heart as well to see my reactions to whatever is going on in my life. Am I trusting GOD in faith? Thanks so much for this workshop.

  6. This chapter was eye opening in so many ways. A great reminder that God is never wrong, I am! That I shouldn’t complain or argue about things because He is in control! In the end it doesn’t matter what the world thinks of me, only what God thinks of me!

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