1. OK, everything you said in your video – I feel like that is true of where I am right now. About a week before I read about this study my girls, my husband, and I were having a discussion after dinner and I was feeling so convicted over how superficial my life had become. I believe looking back now that God was prepping my heart for this study. I want to remember the questions on page 32 and this truth : my immediate reaction to these Beatitudes proclaims exactly what I am. And the reassurance that no matter how unworthy I am – if this is my desire and my ambition then there MUST be new life in me.
    PS – I giggled over the street cleaner – I thought it was ours coming down the street 🙂

    1. For some reason this video won’t embed. I’ve tried all I can think of, but can’t get it to show up. But if you click the link, it’ll take you to the video. Let me know if that works for you. Thanks!!

  2. Wonderful analogy to the Dr and Christ’s healing. I was struck by the statement that as a Christian, I would be manifesting ALL the beatitude traits, not just my niche and strengths. I need to examine myself for the missing and weak character traits.
    FYI, even the link to YouTube only gave me lines across the screen for video, but the audio came in fine.

    1. Yes, Dawn, me too! As I read through the list, I saw, um, one, that seems like a trait I have. Uh oh, conviction! I’m supposed to be able to practice all of them!!! Yes, I definitely NEED the Holy Spirit to do that, and thus I have my first “homework” assignment–to get out of my own way and let the Holy Spirit produce all of the traits in me.

  3. Absolutely what you said in the video, Kari, echoed one of the things I wrote down to remember from the chapter: “Anything which, by evading the difficulties, merely makes people happy for the time being, is ultimately going to add to their misery and problems. That is where the utter deceitfulness of sin comes in; it is always offering happiness, and it always leads to unhappiness and to final misery and wretchedness.” Thank you so much for bringing my attention to this eye opening book through your study!

  4. This chapter has really made me do a lot of thinking and I want to keep these questions on going over the weeks as I get into the Beatitudes.
    What am I meant to be? All of The Beatitudes
    What or Whom Do I admire?
    What am I seeking ?
    What am I doing and How am I living my life ?
    What do I believe about my capacity / limits.AM I trying to do it all on my own and what until I am overwhelmed before I seek GOD.
    Remind myself I need GOD all day and every day.
    This study is just starting and I can tell that there are going to be some tough lessons ahead that will be such a blessing in the end.

  5. I’ve never fit in with the surrounding culture. Then I lived overseas and now I fit even less. But my natural inclination is to be “different” and “counter cultural”. I’m a rebel at some level. But I don’t think that is the right heart stance either, is it?

    But really, I am often driven by my own level of comfort. Do I like to do this? Is this what I want to do? Do I feel entertained in this? These are the things I’m feeling convicted in right now.

    Of course, I got distracted, but I’m back at it now, I hope!

  6. This time through week three, I am struck by the list of questions that ended the chapter. I noted all ten down in my journal and weekly want to ask my heart:
    -do I belong to the Kingdom of God (and remind myself of Dr. Lloyd-Jones encouragement – however unworthy – if this is my desire, there must be new life in me!,
    -am I ruled by Christ,
    -is Christ my King and my Lord,
    -am I manifesting these qualities in my daily life,
    -is it my ambition to do so,
    -do I see (exhibiting and manifesting the Beatitudes) what I am meant to be,
    -am I truly blessed,
    -am I happy,
    -have I been filled, and finally
    -do I have peace?

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