1. OK, this has to be my favorite week so far. I love the analogy of ‘what can the hold fold’. I also loved how Dr. Lloyd-Jones expounded on what exactly is the heart, what exactly does it mean to be pure in heart. I also love the reminder that we can work until the day we die, if we work alone our heart will be as black as it is right now, probably blacker. But when God enters the picture – He equips us, He works on our behalf AND right along side of us. I cannot say for surety that I fully understand that, but it is enough to know what I know today, trusting that God will continue to unveil what exactly this means.

    Truly this knowing what I am to do vs. what God does – (and the difference between) has been a struggle for me to comprehend the entire time I have been a Christian. But I can truly say that God has been faithful to teach me what it is and what it isn’t a little at a time, even if it is taking longer than I thought it would when I first started on this path.

  2. I love how many times in this lesson there are concepts we cannot fully comprehend and Dr. Lloyd Jones doesn’t even try to go there, to explore the what-ifs and end up putting worldly ideas in our heads so that the truth becomes obscured. No, he simply leaves us with what the Scriptures say, and that is enough–just like obedience, it is enough. Praise God for this teaching!

  3. I loved the analogy of the fold. There is so much stuff that gets caught up in the folds in my life that I did not realize once I started really looking at them. Thank you for the wonderful cup analogy and that we are to be obsessed in our desire for Jesus. Every week I see that I need Father GOD, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit because I can not do anything myself.

  4. I am especially grateful for the video this week, Kari. It is a difficult balance to examine self, but not dwell on self. I am often left wallowing in the muck that I see and hesitate to go to God because I see Him as Almighty and Powerful and Holy and Consuming Fire, but not as my Father who will clean up my mess. The analogy of the folds is so helpful. How wonderful to have a Father who not only promises that one day we will see Him face to face, but also works in us to accomplish what must be done to prepare us for that meeting. May I not shirk away from Him.

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