1. OH MY GOODNESS – first of all – thank you SO SO very much for sharing the stories. They were so amazing – I have had those type of neighbor issues before and I have also argued with myself over whether I should make the cookies or cupcakes because I felt like they should apologize…anyway – as you ended your video I was reminded of a truth I all too often forget and was reminded of something that is so important.

    The truth – obedience does not and isn’t often even about a guaranteeing a specific result. Obedience in the case of being a peacemaker often does not guarantee the peace – it instead guarantees that we are reflecting the glory of Christ and reconciliation that God has offered through Him. LOVE that reminder because I all too often get really discouraged when an action doesn’t bear fruit how I think it will.

    The reminder of something important is to know ahead of time the cost of dying to self is going to not feel good in the moment (that seems like such a mild statement – dying to self is going to hurt and be uncomfortable and humbling and painful). Kind of like when I start a diet or exercise regime – reminding myself ok – this will hurt for now, but the trajectory, what I am aiming for – that is worth it. The dying to self is going to hurt – but the trajectory of where my obedience is pointing – the end game of becoming like Christ – that is beyond worth it. SO thank you for this video – it was PERFECT to drive this lesson home.

    1. Hi, Sunshine, if you look at the first sentence of your second paragraph about the truth of obedience through a kingdom perspective, we can see that obedience to God’s word does guarantee a specific result: our right relationship with Him, because we know that God doesn’t just look at our actions in obedience, but also the attitude of our heart in it. Our obedience also demonstrates our love for Him. Dr. Lloyd-Jones is really good at helping us gain a right (a kingdom) perspective, this study has been great for me for that.

  2. Ouch–the peacemaker is not an appeaser, does not let sleeping dogs lie, goes out of his way to look for the means and methods of making peace, and makes peace actively–those are the ones that got me. I’m more likely to avoid the issue and let sleeping dogs lie, which is really just a false ‘peace’ at best, and lets others and myself continue in our sin headed for perdition at worst.
    Lord, I pray for Your wisdom and discernment, and please, please, please keep working Your plan in my until completion–Amen!

    1. Lisa you are so spot on. Sometimes it seems like that is the best plan to just forget about it, but I know with this lesson that GOD is the one working through us for his glory and I have to pay attention to that fact. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  3. Wow this lesson hits home on so many levels and I am still crying after your stories. I always seemed to be the peace maker in my family trying to keep the family together and I know things don’t always work out. I also see myself in your example in Father GOD leading me to do something and I don’t want to do it but I am learning to give up my feelings and supposed “rights” to do what GOD is leading me to do. It is amazing how some times reconciliation is such a blessing and other times there is no reconciliation due to bitterness and just not wanting to forgive. I know my heart can be so stubborn at times. Please Father GOD help soften my heart so I can show your glory to others. Kari thank you so much for this bible study, it really hurts but in a good way.

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