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  1. I would make the silhouette a little smaller. it is too heavy for the soft background. Making it smaller will balance it out.

  2. I agree with Debbie. I also wonder what the silhouette would look like in a soft dark brown and the title and author’s name in a dark brown.

  3. I wouldn’t change a thing! Except maybe proper capitalization through out–my personal preference.
    Yes, I’d pick it up in a book store, the silhouette and hand-lettered/brush stroke look definitely appeals to me.
    I think the cover says it all, unless there is a specific focus that would necessitate a subtitle?

  4. Very appealing- I like the contrast very much, and the silhouette is graceful and evocative. The curtained window is subtle and helps tell a story. I would take a look at it on a bookshelf. Some possible suggestions to consider: -1) might it be interesting to see the same cover but with the silhouette flipped so she is facing left and the writing goes into the hair rather than toward the face/features? Or even tilt the face so she’s looking slightly down. -2) maybe play with fonts and sizes a bit more. I like the script on the silhouette, but my eyes went to it first rather than to the title. And I think you’ve used just two fonts, but they are all in different sizes so it looks like a lot of fonts. I don’t think any further subtitle is needed. Nicely done!

  5. I like it! You obviously put a lot of thought and work into the cover design. The window and sheer curtains are a lovely touch. My only suggestion might be to move the silhouette down a bit.

  6. I would love a subtitle! Something like “life & faith in [the year, like 1850] for a woman confined to her room”


    ” a strong Christian woman in [1850]”

  7. From a design perspective, something is throwing my eyes off. I see the sharp line of the end of the silhouette and then the line of the window sill. Maybe move the silhouette down to align it, or soften the color of the silhouette.
    The above thoughts are obviously just being nit-picky, I do like to concept you are going for. Best of luck!

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