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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love your reading notebook format! I set a goal of 60 books for the year, but in the last couple of week I have decided I would like to be more intentional with notetaking and reviewing of said notes, so not sure that goal is realistic.

    1. I loved this and look forward to reading the monthly updates. I am paring down my computer reading as I spend too much time here and feel I could be using my time with God and then hobbies I love. Your posts are staying. They feed my soul, thank you. Do you have a post that combines all your 2021 reads into one post and if so where would I find it? I am a 70 year old lady who knows nothing about computers, loves bullet journals and wants to learn and enjoy every day I have left to live and thrive.

      1. Thanks for your encouragement Jackie! I don’t have a 2021 reading list, it was a year that I didn’t keep very good track of, so that’s why I hope to keep up with monthly updates on reading this year! I love your enthusiasm for life and learning! May God bless you richly!

    2. Oh, I love that idea! It was so fun to go back and add notes to my reading notebook and revisit what I had forgotten that I underlined in my books!

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