Journal and Doodle through 1 John



In this Bible Study through 1 John you will dig deep into the book, increase your understanding and memory, and have a whole lot of fun!


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Journal and doodle through the book of 1 John in this creative, inductive Bible study. Our study will focus on the three themes the Apostle John uses so that we may know we have eternal life.
Throughout the study, you will be applying these themes of love, truth, and obedience in your life. You’ll create a treasured keepsake as you journal and doodle your thoughts and lessons. By the end, you will have read through the epistle of 1 John multiple times, worked through many thought provoking questions, and planned how to apply these insights to your day to day life by allowing God’s Word to abide in your heart.

Whether you are an artist, a scribbler, or can’t draw at all, you’re going to love your time working through the Journal and Doodle Bible Studies.


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